1K in 2018


Help us reach 1,000 users by 11:59pm on 12/31/18!


The Countdown

Last updated: Friday, October 12th

Days left until Dec 31: 80

Folia user count: 242

The Plan

Ambassador logo 4.png

step 1: aug 15 - sept 15


We're kicking off the 1K in 2018 initiative with some help from you - our newly-minted Ambassadors. Using your Personal Invite Codes, we'll need each of you to gather up 10 new users in the next 5 weeks. We'll send out a weekly update on your progress. Saddle up!

Sample text to invite:

I think Folia would be a great resource for you! To sign up, go to my.foliahealth.com, or go to the App Store and search "Folia Health", and use my invite code: YOURINVITECODEHERE.

GOAL FOR STEP 1: 250 total users by September 15



step 2: sept 15 - oct 15


In the lead-up to the North American CF Conference (NACFC), we'll be working with a few favorite CF social media influencers to spread the word about Folia to their fans. 

Ambassadors: if you're in contact with CF community influencer, let us know! Email our intern, Celeste, at celeste@foliahealth.com

GOAL FOR STEP 2: 350 total users by the start of the NACFC (Oct 18)

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step 3: oct 15 - DEC 15


We're excited to be presenting at the NACFC poster session and manning a booth in the exhibitor hall! Our main goal at the conference will be to sign up our next wave of Folia Providers - clinical collaborators who will bring Folia back home with them to their local CF communities. 

GOAL for STEP 3: 750 total users by December 15

20 clinics signed up x 20 new users per clinic = 400 new users


plus one.png

step 4: DEC 15 - 31


On December 15th, we'll rally the troops for one last push. Every friend of Folia - Ambassador, current user, provider collaborator, you name it - will be asked to bring on one more friend to join the Folia family. 

GOAL for STEP 4: 1K by 11:59pm on December 31