Every day, you notice little things - small changes in symptoms or mood, or how effective a treatment is relative to the side effects.

These observations are important, but they’re usually lost.

At Folia, we want to help you harness the power of your observations through simple, multiple-choice questions.


How it works


Our comprehensive list of multiple choice questions makes it easy to set up your profile.


Track your observations on your symptoms and treatments. Within a few weeks, you can begin to see patterns and trends.

3. rEview your results

In a few clicks, you can build graphs and charts and tap into insights on what’s working.

4. Share with your clinic

Your printable Appointment Guide can be shared with your clinic to help fine tune your care plan.

How it helps

  • Breathe a bit easier. Manage of all your symptoms and treatments in one easy to use tool.

  • Better info for you. With our Data Tables and Graphs feature, you can use analytics to get a full snapshot of your health - and decide when you might need to change things up or see your doctor.

  • Better info for your care team. Bring your Appointment Guide to your next visit, or even get your clinic to enroll in our Bridge Program. You’ll be able to have a more productive conversation that incorporates real data from daily living.

  • Amplify your voice. Starting in 2019, we’re excited to use de-identified information to conduct new research on how well treatment plans work, and for what types of patients. We think that medical advancements & decisions should be based on what real people are experiencing at home, every day.