and we need your help to make some waves.

At Folia, we believe that patients & their families have significant insight into treatment outcomes that can – and should – be captured and used in order to improve the precision with which we treat chronic conditions.

Our platform, Folia, is designed to enable patients and their families to quickly capture the observations that they make every day – how the coughing was, whether treatments were completed, overall mood – using a set of personalized multiple-choice questions, defined by a combination of predictive analytics and user preferences. Over mere weeks of using Folia, which is available as an app both through the web and on iOS, users build a highly comprehensive database of what we call “home-reported outcomes,” or HROs. These HROs can then be communicated to the clinical care team through the Appointment Guide.

We're also going to be using de-identified Folia datasets to improve the information available for treatment research at a broad scale. Data captured by Folia provides the unique opportunity to analyze a detailed dataset of outcomes from our current major blind spot – the 350-some days per year when the average patient is not in the clinic. With this expanded view, we will be able to identify current gaps in treatment, and target interventions more precisely to the needs of an individual patient – rather than resorting to a broad-brush approach, as we have been forced to for many chronic conditions. We are excited to realize the potential of the use of Folia data to help each patient receive the best possible care available, through partnerships with organizations and companies pursuing research into new and existing therapies. 

In short, we're working to harness the voices of patients & families, so that their experiences and insights - observations that are generally lost to the ether right now - can help to bring the precision of care to the next level.


Great - so what can I do?

Right now, Folia is available to members of the cystic fibrosis community, through our collaborations with CF clinics and the patients & families of the community. We've received very positive feedback from our early users, and we're ready to expand.

In the second half of 2018, we're working to reach 1K CF users, and we'd love your help. Ultimately, we want to catalyze a movement that encourages all patients and families to take ownership over their observations, track them, and communicate these valuable insights to their care teams - to make sure that every patient receives the best care possible.

We're open to hearing your creative ideas on the best ways to mobilize the community to add their voices to the care conversation. Email us to start brainstorming! :)

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