Twenty years ago...

...our founder's mom was a young attorney with three kids, and her middle child, Paul, was sick. After months of attempting to juggle a fledgling law career, medical specialists across three states, and a very sick two-year-old, she ultimately left her firm to become her son's nurse, medical claims consultant, patient advocate, and all-around superhero caregiver. Paul's diagnosis changed by the week, and the amount of information that she had to learn and understand to take good care of him was staggering - not to mention the hours spent on hold with insurance, waiting to hear about approvals and co-pays. She stitched together opinions and records from many doctors, and then added her own painstaking notes about Paul's progress and setbacks, to make sure everyone had the full story before treating her son. The process was manual and time-consuming, and required our founder's mom to become an expert in her son's condition, taking away time from everything else in her life. 

That was 1996. Today, the healthcare system is even more complex, and life for family caregivers is hardly easier than it was back then. We're here to change that.

Imagine a world in which every family caregiver can make sure that his or her loved ones receive the best care possible - without giving up everything else.

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Step 1: build your DAILY questions

It all starts with selecting the questions that you want to answer to keep track of your loved one's health and wellness.

Step 2: unload your observations

With simple questions sent to your phone or email daily, Folia prompts you for the information that you always meant to track. 

Step 3: communicate and own that appointment

Armed with the data that you've created with a few clicks every day, you're ready to have a high-impact conversation with your doctor or nurse at the next appointment. 

The Team

Nell Meosky Luo
Founder & CEO

Dan Toffling
Chief Software Architect


Peter Cerhan
Senior Mobile Engineer

Celeste (2).png

Celeste Hermes
User Engagement Intern


Advisors and Collaborators

Clinical advisors

Irwin Birnbaum, JD
Robert Wood Johnson Clinical Fellow at the Yale School of Medicine

Mary Ellen Corrigan, APRN-PNP
Maine Medical Partners, Pulmonology

Margaret Grey, DrPH, RN, FAAN
Former Dean and Anne W. Goodrich Professor at the Yale School of Nursing



Chad Glaser
Caregiver & President of Healthcare Navigators of WNY

Paul Meosky, MA
Patient & Innovation Strategist at Booz Allen Hamilton

Cindy Romanowski, MD
Caregiver & Rehabilitation specialist at Catholic Health



Justin Borgman, MBA
Co-founder of Starburst Data

Martin Coulter, MBA
former CEO of Patients Like Me and current Partner at TPG Global

Sriram Gollapalli
Global Director of SW and Cloud Ops at Agilent

George Mabry
Full-time investor and advisor to emerging companies; former VP at Quintiles

Maria Marzilli, MPH
Portfolio Strategy and Alliance Management at Agios Pharmaceuticals

Open Positions


Data Scientist with Healthcare Experience / Biostatistician

Operations Lead

To start the interview process, please send a cover letter and resume to We look forward to hearing from you!