At Folia, we believe that the daily observations made by patients and their family members have the power to substantially improve the precision of the care that every patient receives. Every day, you experience the outcomes of your treatment plan – you know how things are going. Our goal is to help you to capture your daily insights in an organized way.

We started Folia because of the experiences of our own families. 

Nell’s story

My younger brother has CVID, an immunodeficiency. Over the course of 20+ years, my mom has become an honorary immunologist – with bookcases full of journals detailing my brother’s symptoms and treatments.  Our family’s journey with healthcare has been complicated, and I ultimately decided to go to Yale to study chronic disease. While there, I realized that there was a fundamental hole in our ability to improve the treatments available for many chronic conditions: we didn’t have enough data on how well treatments worked for specific types of patients. Eventually, I put two-and-two together, and recognized that the data I was looking for did exist – it was just in my mom’s head!

Dan’s story

Nell put out an ad for a co-founder – someone with coding experience and a first-hand understanding of what it’s like to deal with a chronic condition. I was looking for an opportunity to work on something meaningful, and as the father to a child with Down Syndrome, I was drawn to the idea of improving care quality by empowering other families. I decided to take the leap!

That was November of 2016. Since then, with the help of dozens of patients, families, and care providers, we’ve built Folia – a system designed by families, for families, to use their knowledge to improve the care that they receive.  

The primary goal of Folia is to help you quickly capture the observations that you make every day – how the coughing was, whether treatments were completed, overall mood – using a set of personalized multiple-choice questions. You have full control over the questions that you want to answer – we recommend some questions based on the condition that you’re managing, and you can add any others that are helpful to you. Over just a few weeks of using Folia, you’ll build a comprehensive database of what we call “home-reported outcomes," that you can share with your care team at the next visit using the Folia Appointment Guide report.

In 2018, we're primarily serving patients and families in our first condition of focus: cystic fibrosis. Starting in 2019, we'll be expanding to other conditions. If you'd like Folia to become available for a specific condition, email us!


A little bit more on exactly how important those family observations can be: