4 Foods to Help You Thrive This Summer

July 1, 2019

We know that digestive health is an important part of managing many chronic conditions. In fact, more than half of our users track symptoms and behaviors related to their diet! Here at Folia, our team has been loving this summer weather and all the fun that accompanies these warmer months. And if you’re managing a chronic condition, there’s no reason you can’t either.

Why we don’t like the term “treatment adherence”

Why we don’t like the term “treatment adherence”

June 15, 2019

At Folia, we don’t like the term “treatment adherence.” Yes, it’s a standard term across the healthcare ecosystem, and is definitely an improvement on the old “treatment compliance.” However, the concept of adherence still suggests a paternalistic line of thinking, that people who don’t follow prescribed treatment plans must be irresponsible, lazy, defiant, or indifferent.