The beginning

One resourceful dad

One adventurous NP

Lots of coffee

Ted, a cystic fibrosis dad from Portland, Maine, was at a work event for startups at the MassChallenge headquarters in Boston.

He met Nell, who was looking for a pilot center for the newly-completed Folia v1.

Ted invited Nell to the Maine Medical Family Advisory Board for CF, and the families there, along with head Nurse Practitioner Mary Ellen, decided to give Folia a try.

3 weeks later, Folia launched in CF at Maine Medical.

The Blanche’s - our first Folia CF family

The Blanche’s - our first Folia CF family


Within weeks, Folia reached dozens of families in the Maine cystic fibrosis community.

Our original users started giving out referral codes, leading us to CF families in other places through the magic of social media!

Soon, we kicked off our 2nd and 3rd pilot programs at University of Vermont and Dell Medical in Austin, meeting more patients & families who became Folia ambassadors with their own invite codes.

By the 12-month mark, we reached CF families in more than 30 states.

Local to nationwide

referral codes


new collaborators


Celeste - CF patient, college student, and new Folia intern - shares her perspective on the value in recording your observations to achieve better care.


A budding dataset


patient observations

caregiver insights

Thanks to strong continuous engagement from our users, our dataset began to grow, averaging more than 80 Folia questions answered per active user each month.

As we passed the 50,000 responses mark, we started working with families, clinicians, and researchers to put Folia real-world evidence to work for groundbreaking research, with topics including:

  • Streamlining care guidelines - are some patients receiving unnecessary treatments?

  • Phase 4 studies - what are the outcomes of a therapy after approval, and what does this mean for value?

  • Pre-visit planning and clinical efficiency - how can we improve clinic readiness using Folia data, for more efficient and effective visits?


Now in growth phase, Folia is reaching new families in the cystic fibrosis community every day, through a combination of three programs:

By the end of 2019, more than 1K families will be using Folia to receive personalized care for cystic fibrosis.

Built to grow





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Folia is expanding to new conditions in 2019