Every day, you notice little things - small changes in symptoms or mood, a treatment that you've stopped using because of side effects.

These observations are important, but they’re usually lost.

At Folia, we’re focused on helping you harness the power of your observations through a simple, multiple-choice app.


How it works

  1. Sign up!

  2. Select the tracking questions on symptoms, moods, and treatments that are relevant to you

  3. Decide how you want to be reminded to answer these daily questions

  4. Answer your first set!

  5. Rinse and repeat :) Oh, and you’ll get some nifty rewards too.

how it helps

  • Breathe a bit easier. You’ll feel some relief pretty much immediately - it feels good to get those observations out of your brain and into your own personal dataset.

  • Better info for you. With our Data Tables and Graphs features, you can see how things are going at a glance - and decide when you might need to change things up or see a doctor.

  • Better info for your care team. Bring along an Appointment Guide to your next visit, or even get your clinic to sign up for our Provider Program. You’ll be able to have a much more productive and complete conversation, working with real data on what you’ve been seeing.

  • Amplify your voice. Starting in 2019, we’re excited to work on bringing together de-identified information on how well treatment plans work, and for what types of patients, to build a better database for health research. We think that medical advancements & decisions should be based on what real people are experiencing, at home, every day.

Answer a few multiple-choice questions each day, and create a better picture of what’s going on - for you, and for your care team.