Cystic fibrosis

Our first disease focus was cystic fibrosis in 2017. After being approached by a CF caregiver, we were interested in focusing our product for this condition. We started pilots in Maine, Vermont and Texas, and grew from there. Cystic Fibrosis is a progressive, genetic disease that affects the respiratory and digestive system in 30,000 Americans. There have been great strides in medicine and equipment in the past few years, and more to come!

primary immunodeficiency

We recently launched in primary immunodeficiency in June of 2019! Nell, our CEO, has a brother who has PIDD and was inspired at an early age to get involved with healthcare. This led to the creation of Folia Health! Primary Immunodeficiency is an umbrella term that includes over 350 types of the disease. All of these are chronic conditions that affect the immune system in different ways, causing susceptibility to infection.